Our candidates and their families have been a huge source of inspiration to all of us at the foundation. Their lives and stories are the reason why we do what we do. We have decided to share a collection of the thank you letters we have received over the years.

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Alex and I were excited when we learned that Alex had been selected to hunt at the Muy Grande Ranch. Yet, we had no idea how great an experience it would be ... The generosity of the Foundation combined with the technology that was used at the hunt enabled Alex to shoot a powerful gun by himself. What a great experience for someone with a disability like Alex to shoot such a great animal.

— Alex and Brian Hardy

[Dozer] proudly wore his Detroit Lions gear to school the day after he got home while showing off his picture with you and his buck to all of his buddies. Thank you so much for bringing a smile to our 11-year-old boy. This was a trip of a lifetime that Dozer will never forget.

— Bill and Gina Garrett

I am so overwhelmed when I stop and think about your generosity. To give to a small boy, making his life more full of love, fun, and laughter ... To watch him with the guys turning into a little man right before my eyes, what a huge gift to my heart.

— Beth Walburn